the new kitchen

You have not heard much from Büchertiger recently because – more or less in a spur of a moment – we decided to renovate our flat and paint in most of our rooms. Aided by the pressure of too little time to argue I finally managed to make hubby agree to some color on our walls. On the left you see what will be our new kitchen.

In den letzten Tagen war es still hier auf dem Blog, weil wir – mehr oder weniger in einer spontanen Aktion – entschieden haben noch vor dem Winter die Wohnung zu streichen. Diesmal habe ich es auch endlich geschafft, M. dazu zu bringen, etwas Farbe an den Wänden zuzustimmen. Links siehst du, was unsere neue Küche werden wird.


One of the reasons to paint, revamp and rearrange our flat is that we decided to move the twins out of our bedroom to their own room. What was our office (mainly my office and hubby’s library to be precise) will now get turned into a playroom and kid’s bedroom. My office will now have to fit into a corner of our bedroom. – I decided to just paint the corner where it will be located.

– Next time I am writing it will hopefully be about books again…

my new office space

Einer der Gründe, warum wir gerade renovieren,streichen und umräumen ist auch, dass die Zwillinge in ihr eigenes Kinderzimmer ziehen sollen. Der Raum, in dem bislang mein Büro untergebracht war und den Sachbuchteil unserer Heimbibliothek enthielt soll nun also Kinderzimmer werden. Mein Büro muss nun in eine kleine Ecke in unserem Schlafzimmer passen. Ich hatte die Idee, nur diese Ecke blau zu streichen.

Demnächst wieder mehr über Bücher…

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  1. Glad you like the blue corner! I am proud of the idea, especially since I don’t usually spend a lot of time and thought on interior design. I must say I rather enjoy painting on the walls. I feel all the time like I am doing something forbidden and any time someone could show up and tell me to stop it. Tomorrow I will do the last one and be done with it for now. Which is good, too.

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