Die Suche – The Search

Die Suche II - Perspective 1
This is the second version of the book I am working on at the moment. It is called “Die Suche” which translates to “The Search”. In the photos the book is standing on its still unfinished box. I am planning to finish it today and add the text to the book.

This is the first tunnel book I made that has individual panels added to the concertinas on the left and right. (The structure I used before was folded from just one piece of paper.) To attach the panels I cut small tabs from the concertina – I’ll show you in more details when the box is finished. Then I will hopefully also find more time to write about the text and the concept.

This was meant as just another trial after a first version last week. Since then it has obviously gained a lot of depth. Though I do generally like it, I am still unhappy with the details of how the houses look like and how they are distributed over the panels. Moreover I am pondering to make it rather a pop-up than a tunel book. That, however, would be a first-time. I’ll see. More experiments will be necessary, and I will keep you updated on the process.
Die Suche II - Perspective 2

Dies ist die zweite Version des Buches, an dem ich zur Zeit arbeite. Es heißt “Die Suche”. Auf den Bildern steht das Buch auf seiner noch rohen Box. Ich habe vor, sie heute fertig zu machen und dann den Text hinzuzufügen.

Das ist das erste Tunnelbuch, das ich gemacht habe, bei dem einzeln fertiggestellte Ebenen den Akkordions rechts und links hinzugefügt werden. (Vorher habe ich das aus einem einzigen Stück Papier gefaltet.) Um die einzelnen Ebenen anzufügen habe ich kleine Kleblaschen aus den Akkordions herausgeschnitten. – Ich werde das nochmal genauer zeigen, wenn die Box und das ganze Buch wirklich fertig sind.

Die her ist ein weiterer Versuch nach der ersten Version letzte Woche. Seitdem hat es unübersehbar an Tiefe gewonnen. Grundsätzlich bin ich entzückt über meine Arbeit und wundere mich ein wenig, dass es wirklich aus meiner Hände Arbeit kommt – so anders, als andere Bücher davor. Aber ich überlege, ob ich nicht eher ein Pop-Up daraus machen sollte, statt eines Tunnelbuches, und auch mit konkreten Details wie die Häuser aussehen und wie sie über die einzelnen Ebenen verteilt sind, sind noch überarbeitungsbedürftig. Mal schauen, wo die Reise hingeht…

Die Suche II - Perspective 3

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  1. I never made a tunnelbook. Seeing your lovely example, perhaps I will give it a go. Looking forward to the final result.

  2. Great work! I really love it! And I think these kinds of images lend themselves very well for a popup book too!

    1. Thank you for the compliment. So you think, too, that it would look good as a pop up. I guess I will have to try and learn more about them. I know how to do a simple one-panel pop-up. I will have to experiment with how to make one pull up another two without the levers being too visible or such that they look well as part of the image itself.

  3. I know how much work a book like this is: Congratulations!

    I am also happy that the babies are allowing you this much time: it is good when babies sleep a lot!

    1. Yes, sleeping babies are great. Making the book, however, is only possible for me because hubby is helping: He lets me work about 2 hours a day 🙂 With two babies one is almost always awake and wants to eat or be cleaned.

  4. I’ve always wanted to make a tunnel book–yours is very inspiring! I think it looks fabulous in the pictures–we are always our worst critics, aren’t we?

    1. Thank you, Laura. Maybe I am more critical then necessary here, and I do like the result. But… Maybe as the maker we just see the potential for improvement better than other beholders 🙂 And, as I said in a comment before: Give the tunnel books a try! I posted a template for a very simple structure before (you can find it through the link in the post). – It is really fun and easy to make!

  5. Hilke, I am so sorry I have not kept up with all your drama.
    I do hope your daughter will grow stronger soon. Such a worry! (OF course, they say daughters give the biggest worry when the grow up, so perhaps this is a test for you? 😉 )
    And it is good to see you making books again, even in short stages.

    1. Hi Dinah,
      no need to be sorry – I must admit that I was unable to catch up with most blogs in the last months and didn’t visit yours either. Will have to change that. Thank you for the good wishes!


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