Crochet Elefants
From right to left: Mum, Baby, Big Brother, Dad – I made them in this order, and that is very noticable when you see and hold them. Unfortunately Big Brother is loosing his hair. I thought it was cute, but my daughter doesn’t seem to like it.

You might remember my wonky crochet which I tried to print. Well, my whole bookbinding equipment is currently boxed, I can’t work in the new house as much as I would want to due to my back being so bad (now my foot is getting numb, but at least the pain has lessened), and I couldn’t stand not making anything. So I tried crocheting a little more. I made a collection of little squares which I intend to print once I have access to a press again, and also little things for my children and sister’s children. (They don’t know that yet, but I don’t think any of them is reading this blog). I’ll show you the printing squares in due time, today I just want to show off some of the other stuff.

It was encouraging how much my kids, especially my daughter loves the elefants I made for her. She is carrying the Mum and Baby everywhere – and they already show signs of rough handling. I made a lot of double crochet and I enjoy seeing my progress, and observing that my stitches are getting a bit more even. But I am still far from where I want to be. Well, I probably have a couple more weeks until I can make books again. I just ordered more yarn…

more crochet training
Children’s (and toddler) washing mitts and a few flowers. Adding the bear’s face is the hardest part. The small green one was made first, the dark green one is the newest.

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  1. I love the elephants! The washing mitts and flowers are nice too, but I am not at all surprised that your daughter has become so attached to her new toys. ; ]

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