crochet pots I
Two new crochet pots – with glass inside

I mentioned crochet a couple oftimes during my almost 3 months break from my studio. But for those of my readers who don’t know yet: I learned to crochet three months ago and now love it! It is amazing how versatile it is, depening in what material you use. When using find thread, you can make lace, when using wool, you can make apparel, blankets, bags, nets, or toys, and if you use thick hemp thread it turns out you can make containers. I made those two in the image on top on Wednesday morning. They are made a little differently (not just the obvious different with big see-what’s-inside-holes in one of them), and I’ll include a short description at the end for all who are interested – and already know how to crochet. It is actually very simple and would be a nice project to start with crochet. If there is a broader interest (just let me know by leaving a comment here or by contacting me privately) I could also improve the design slightly (for example get the stitch-maths correct) and make a more detailed instruction with photos illustrating the steps.

As you can see, I added a hanging loop to one of them, so that it can hang from a hook, although I don’t really know why I would want to hang it from my studio door.

crochet pots II
pot hanging from the hook that usually hosts my apron
crochet pots III
first one, holding its shape without the glass inside

I put water glasses into the pots in the above images. If you do that, you could pour water inside, or plant something. But actually, I made them from very rough hemp string, and it doesn’t need the glass to hold its shape, so if you just want to store your pencils or crochet hooks, you can leave the glass out completely.

So here’s how I made them (not perfect; my first time “inventing” a pattern)

Small Two Coloured  Pencil Container

I used a 6mm crochet hook and the hemp garden twine (scroll down here for more information). Use a marker to mark the end of each round.

  • Chain (ch) 4 in colour A, then put a slip stitch (sl) into the first chain to form a loop.
  • 8 double crochet (dc) into the ring.
  • 2 dc into each stitch (16 dc stitches in total)
  • (dc into next stitch, 2 dc into next stitch) repeat 8 times (24st in total)
  • dc into each backstitch (24st in total)
  • next three rounds: dc into each stitch (24st in each round) then colour change to B (change colour on last yarn round hook, do not cut old thread)
  • another round of dc in the colour B then change colour back
  • a round of dc in colour A. colour change (do not cut)
  • two rounds of dc in colour B. colour change, this time cut end of colour B
  • finish with as many dc rounds in colour A as you like.
  • if you want to add the loop, find a dc where you want to add it, and sl in colour B, dc turn around, dc into the previou stitch, turn back, 8ch, skip 3, dc turn around, dc into last stitch, tie off.

Small Container with See-Through Holes


  • Chain (ch) 4 in colour A, then put a slip stitch (sl) into the first chain to form a loop.
  • 1ch (=dc), 7 double crochet (dc) into the ring (=8dc), sl into first stitch.
  • 1ch then 2dc into each stitch (=16dc), sl into first
  • 1ch then (1dc, 2dc into next stitch) repeat 8 times (=24dc), sl into first
  • 1ch, dc into back looop of each stitch, sl into first stitch (24dc)
  • two rounds: 1ch, dc into each stitch, sl into first (24dc)
  • Now we’re adding the see-through holes: chain 5, skip 2 stitches, treble (tr) into next stitch, (2ch, skip 2, tr into next), repeat (*) 7 times, then chain 2 and sl into top of third chain in the beginning. (you should end up with 9 holes)
  • 1ch, dc into next ch-space, dc into tr, then 2dc into each ch-space of the next 7 holes, and dc into each tr. Only one dc into last hole, sl into beginning of round. (24 dc)
  • more rounds like the first two until the cup is your desired height, then finish off.


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