It is already Febuary, wow, how the time has flown! I used January mostly to film, edit and upload my newest skillshare class: Coptic Bindings. A Beginner’s Course. The following is a teaser for the class. Make sure you check further down for ways to see it for free, and how to win a one year premium membership on skillshare.

Skillshare is a paid-for platform of learning. You can access all kinds of high-quality content there.

As I said, normally you have to pay for access to classes posted there. If you sign up to skillshare through my class referal link:

You’ll get the first two month’s off, and I’ll earn a referal fee. Signing up to skillshare gives you access to all my classes and to tens of thousands of more classes on all kinds of subjects, whether you want to get crafting, want to take a life-coaching class, or learn a language.

A screenshot

In addition, if you are one of the first lucky three to sign up to my class through this link:

You can see this class completely for free. (You won’t gain access to other courses, though).

And last but not least: It’s competition time!

Here’s how to win a one-year premium membership on skillshare (worth £87 or 100$):

  1. Enlist in my class as a student. (Here’s the link again:
  2. Finish the class project (a book bound in the taught style) and post a photo of it in the project section. Each book counts as one entry.
  3. On the night of Febuary 14th*, I shall put all names/books in a hat and pull one name from it. Whoever I pull out wins the prize.

Obviously you’ll have to trust me that I am doing this as fairly as I can, and can’t take me to court over the decision afterwards.

Winners will be announced in the community section on skillshare.

*evening means evening in the UK; I’ll post in the community section when I am closing entries, and the specific time I am doing this will be depending on my family life on the day and cannot be predicted at this moment, not even by me, sorry for all who come just a little too late.

I hope to “see” you there as one of my students!