Collaborative BEST book arts project

Collaborative BEST book art project
Yesterday I mentioned using banana paper for a new book, and now I want to show off the finished book. It is my contribution to the collaborative BEST book arts project; I wrote about the project before (here and here). The book has signatures created by 5 different people, one also made by me, all of which interpret the poem “Your Hand” by Margaret Woods.

Collaborative BEST book art project

Dies hier sind Bilder von meinem Buch zum gemeinsamen Buchkunstprojekt, das wir unter den Mitgliedern des Bookbinding Teams auf Etsy organisiert haben. Über meinen Beitrag für die Innengestaltung, habe ich schon früher mal geschrieben (hier und hier), und nun ist auch endlich das Buch fertig.

Collaborative BEST book art project

2 replies on “Collaborative BEST book arts project”

  1. Hi Hilke

    Thats lovely, I especially like the etherial hands in the end papers. Really nice work.

    best wishes

    Billie 🙂

  2. Thanks, Billie! For the “end papers”, I first filled in the space between the leather with white watercolor paper, placed the cut outs from the front onto it, and put banana paper (which is under the leather in the front) on top. So the inside covers are inverse to the outside. It makes me happy to know you like it!

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