Three Limp Vellum Bindings

If you follow me on facebook and/or instagram, then you have seen that over the last couple of weeks I have made a few books. It’s sad that this is news by now, but that’s how it is. I always wanted to learn to make limp vellum bindings that rely on lacing in the sewing […]

Illegible, Inaccessible and Fake Script + Literature List

For the maps that I am currently drawing as part of my “daily” practise I use writing in fake or obscured script here and there. When I looked more closely the other day, it turned out that in fact very few of the maps in Landscapes II do not have some illegible writing here or […]

Theory Thursday: The history of Paper in Europe

Welcome back to my theory series about paper! Today I will be talking about the history of paper in Europe and about how to make paper from old clothes. Paper was first made in Asia, and the knowledge of paper was brought from there to the Arabs which developed it further and then eventually brought […]