Can You Guess What I am Illustrating? #3

the infuriated tigress ate the unfortunate fir forest
the infuriated tigress broke loose and utterly ate up the unfortunate fir forest

I am illustrating a text by a famous American author at the moment. The first who can guess which story it is, wins the pamphlet containing the text and the lino prints. I decided to post two today, since it is apparently difficult (or not interesting?) to guess.

The tigress is cut into artist’s lino, by the way, while all the other cuts were done in soft lino.
Unfortunately I don’t have access to all my paper, and therefore to proper printing paper at the moment (because I only have one big heavy stack of paper sitting in my studio and waiting for its cabinet.) So it is maybe hard to make out the difference. But the edges of the hard lino are much clearer and crisper, I think.

seperating the verb "abreisen"
seperating the verb "abreisen"

Heute zwei weitere Drucke, die den ersten Text von dem Amerikaner illustrieren. Wer raten kann, welcher Aufsatz das ist, kann das Pamphlet mit den Linolschnitten gewinnen. – Na, schon einen Tip?

4 replies on “Can You Guess What I am Illustrating? #3”

  1. I am pretty sure the first two guesses are correct: The Awful German Language from A Tramp Abroad, by Mark Twain.

    But the German writer? No idea!

  2. You are of course right 🙂
    You can’t know about the German writer yet, since all cuts have been for the Mark Twain text – I’ll have to make some more Illustrations for the other text.

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