Busy, busy, busy

very first preliminary work, done in 2011

My apologies for being -once again and even more than usual- short-mouthed online and for slacking with replies to comments and emails, and many thanks to all who have written and commented nonetheless. All your messages were read, and very much appreciated; I more or less locked myself up here in the last week(s) to get the work done, and receiving messages and comments feels like an umbilical to the life and world ouside my attic refuge. –  But then, instead of returning the favour of connection, evil me just put the messages aside for the moment. I hope to catch up with you all in the evenings to come.

As you might have guessed from that introduction, I have been busy, busy, busy once more: Yesterday evening while hubby was watching a football match, I finished the first steps for a new book/edition with the current working title “346” and am seriously thinking of yet another edition with the working title “Johannisfriedhof” (that is the name of a graveyard in Leipzig, translated it would be John’s graveyard) for which the first stages of planning have been done, too. I would like to finish them in the next two weeks, so time is really pressing.

I don’t want to give away too much at this stage, but I can say that much: 346 was my room number in hospital where I spend 7 weeks in 2011. I had the idea to make something about that since I first entered that room, and now, finally, I am ready for this book. It will be a collection of photographic prints in a box together with a small information sheet/booklet. I prepared all the images and ordered a first set of prints to work with. For the edition I am thinking of having simple boxes custom (machine-) made. To make editioning easy and keep the price of the finished product down. Since working withe the messages in bottles, I have grown more and more fond of the idea of democratic multiplies. – Experiences and/or tips anyone with having boxes made? Do you know a good place to order them?

The Johannisfriedhof is supposed to be another edition, and again I am looking for a low-end means of production. I might end up photocopying it, which will put it into the realm of zines, I guess. Also the combination of a short story, a short-short story with sketches and a centre-poster thingy fits within the genre, I guess. But will have to work more on the details.

Oh, and then there is also the “Nachtmahr” edition, for which a couple of boxes are already piling on my desk, but I currently have a few problems with the content. More about that when I have figured them out.

boxes with slight variations – trials for a “Nachtmahr” edition

And off I go back to the sketch-boards.

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  1. As you know, I completely understand about disappearing and not communicating… reading (and appreciating) messages, but finding it overwhelming to answer them! One gets by however one must. I am very glad to hear that you are having some time to work–that’s the most important thing! Your idea of having the boxes made and of finding ways to “mass” produce more easily intrigue me. I look forward to hearing how that works out.

    And I especially am intrigued by 346! That sounds like it could be cathartic… I’m so glad you are being able to find some kind of working rhythm again. May these productive blocks of time continue!

    1. Hi Ellen,

      thanks for understanding, and thanks for stopping by once again.

      Indeed I am finding into a working rhythm. The kids are getting older, and are now being looked after each morning. Gesh, they will enter school next year – how time flies! In England children start school surprisingly early in September before they turn 5 as opposed to the September after they turned 6 in German. But I am not complaining at all. – It is so good to have regular studio hours. Even though in the end I might turn up with less hours per week, they are now much better placed for me. My best working times are the morning and evening – never get much done between lunch and supper.

      I’ll see how 346 works out for me. As I continue to work on it, my attitude towards the subject seems to shift a little. Carthartic it might turn out to be…

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