Buechertiger Double Feature

H. Kurzke

Büchertiger wurde gestern gleich zweimal auf Blogs vorgestellt.

Es gibt jetzt ein deutsches Etsy Team, und ich hatte die Ehre, als erste auf dem neuen Team-Blog vorgestellt zu werden.

Außerdem ist auf dem bookbinding team blog das Buch zu bestaunen, das ich im Rahmen des aktuellen Büchertauschs an Kurberry geschickt habe.

Yesterday I have been featured on two blogs:

On the bookbindingblog you can have a look at the book that I send to Alison from Kurberry for the current BEST swap.And on the newly formed German Etsy Street Team’s Blog I am featured with a short interview in German language.

I am glad that Alison apparently liked her book. Often when I sell or give something away a feeling of regret creeps in with the joy that someone else wanted it. These are the moment when I think that I am not made for being a seller. I feel (strangely?) attached to my books, remember how I made them, and what decision were involved int he making. Even with selling editions it is the same. Half of the edition of to touch and to cut is sold now. And I feel the beginning of a fear, that one day they could all be gone!
Travel Journal "Blue"tender 06

But then, when I receive the feedback of a satisfied customer, the joy of selling my books are all there is left. So, I would like to share a message I received that made me especially happy:

The 2 journals arrived safely yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know
that I am very happy with both of them. The paintings in the pink journal
are so charming! And the headband is so lacy and delicate-looking, I had never seen one like that.

The little journal with slipcover is also lovely. […]

When I get messages like that, that’s when I know that making books and selling them is exactly what I want to do, and nothing else!