Büchertiger Supplies Shop Update

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Hello everyone! It’s been a while since you heard from me, and that’s because I have been super busy (as so often). At first I was busy with everything that came with the current coronavirus pandemic, specifically with turning from an artist and sole trader to a primary school teacher. For now this is the past, and I am in the middle of re-starting my shops and my business.

For the time being there will be three ways to shop from me

  1. By contacting me directly via email or otherwise, and buying directly from me. Information and a price list can be found on this website. Click on the top navigation bar on Supplies or on the link provided here. Because I don’t have to pay sales fees imposed by a third party platform, I can offer you slightly better conditions on my website, and for sales that can be worked out via bank transfer (from domestic, i.e. UK banks only), it gets even better, and you don’t ever have to pay shipping costs for those orders. PLUS you get much better bulk discounts on purchases of whole spools this way.
    I am working on getting catalogues and price lists for my prints and books up there, too. But this is work in progress at this time.
  2. By going through my Folksy Shop. The prices for items on Folksy are the same as when you go through me personally, but I do have to charge for shipping of larger items; and the bulk discounts I can offer are not quite as generous. This is the place where I also offer Büchertiger Studio and Press items. There’s not much online yet, I am working on it. – You are always welcome to send me an enquiry,
  3. By going through my Etsy Shop. This is the only placec where I offer my ebooks, because Etsy handles digital VAT for me.

Some costs have increased for me since I last had my shops open, and I am currently adapting some of my prices. – It will probably take the next week, if not the next two weeks until everything is listed and has the correct price attached. Be faster than I am and grab a bargain this weekend!

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