It is Sunday, but unfortunately I can’t have printmaking Sundays every week. Instead I made made some progress with my 346 edition and in particular with the boxes for them today. I spent the morning sanding some more and then decided I was done with sanding for now. Next I cut strips of book fabric to reinforce the boxes’ edges. 8 boxes, 4 strips each, makes 32 strips. Next I marked their position on the boxes:

(Not a very well sanded box, I am afraid. I did notice, and sanded some more before glueing, which made a mess with the dust in the glue and… – I’ll spare you the details.)

I first cover the short side and the upward edges. For this one strip is glued up and then centred on the box. Next it is flipped over and the overhang is trimmed and slit. Then the sides are turned over gently. And the corners cut off and then folded in.

The cut is made through both layers and slightly above the box. Then you need to lift the fabric again, tug one half under the other, fold the corner slightly and finally rub on properly.

Then the overhang must be dealt with. When I slit it, I followed the board (the short side is glued onto the long sides, thus the fabric over the short side is larger and wraps around the edge. – I hope this makes sense. The slit doesn’t reach all the way to the edge of the cardboard. It stops slighty above, a little further away than the board’s thickness. I first fold over the larger piece, trying to make the edge of the fabric as straight as possible, pressing the fabric into the corner. Then the shorter piece is glued on top of this.

Repeat with the other short end. Next another strip is cut to the length of the long edge, tapered at the ends, and simply glued over the edge. And repeat with the other long edge.

I finished two of these today, six more to go. The bottom will be covered next, first inside, then outside, then the sides. The plan is for white Efalin on the outside, and orange on the inside. – And then I’ll have to repeat it all for the tops. But I’ll get there eventually.


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  1. I know from experience how long an edition (especially with as many ‘bits’ to it as this!) can take, but I am sure you will get there eventually. Now that I am back from holidays I have some work waiting for me to finish things too. ; ]
    Nice photos explaining the covering process you are using.

    1. I am glad if this can be of use for some. This process really drags on… currently I find I really have to force me to work on it. So much else is going on, both privately and professionally with the teaching job I have taken on, and all the writing I am currently working on. And then I also want to print every now and then. And then I don’t want to rush this edition because after it has taken me so long to develop it, I don’t want to make it into something cheap. – I’ll get there eventually. At least I hope so 🙂 I am most impressed by the editions you are making! There have been a bunch recently that did require a lot of assembly.
      I hope you had a nice time in England, and wish you an equally pleasant time re-settling into the familiar routine at home!

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