Book Repair

I’m done. Finally this job has been taken care of. What is the job you have been pushing at the end of your to do list?

Ha! Ich bin endlich fertig. Ich bin froh, dass meine lange Bank endlich wieder frei ist, um andere Aufgaben aufzunehmen. Während der Arbeit hab’ ich ein paar Bilder gemacht:

I am not 100% satisfied with my performance. The spine of the case turned out a bit too wide (maybe by a Millimeter or so). But that’s my main complain, and otherwise I am pretty proud of my work. It was more fun than I had thought it would be. Fear of destroying the book instead of saving it, made me not see that it could be fun to try. But the next time I am trying to repair a book I want to do it under the supervision of someone who knows what needs to be done!

Here are some more pictures taken during the making, and details about my decisions:

Almost done sewing. I don't think I have bound such a big book before. This had 51 signatures.

Da war ich fast fertig mit dem Heften. Der Krieg in China von J. Scheibert, Major z.D., Berlin 1901, ist ein zweibändiges Werk, und ich habe mehr als einmal überlegt, ob ich es nicht in zwei Bücher mit Slipcase stecken sollte. Zwar war der “Kundenwunsch”, ich möge die alten Deckel erhalten. Aber bestimmt wäre es auch in Ordnung gewesen, wenn die sich anschließend auf einem Schuber befunden hätten, mit den beiden Bänden innendrin. Aber letztendlich habe ich dann gedacht, ich versuch mich mal an einem so breiten Buch.

Done with sewing. Here it has one layer of gauze on the back, and machine made headbands. I later aded another layer of gauze and paper.
Then it was time to clean and rebuilt the case...

I encountered several problems when it came to rebuilding the case. After pondering several times to try the simplified binding, I decided that I didn’t want to take the risk and did what my instructions told me: Lift the old bookcloth, and fit some new cloth in the gaps on both covers.

Cleaning the covers turned out tricky, too. They were pretty stained. In the pictures above the two boards have already been cleaned a little while the spine is still as I found it on the book. Some stains went with the use of alcohol, some remained in there. One of the less nicer views was that the fabric seemed white from wear at several spots. The pages of the book had the same blue at one edge, but it couldn’t be edge coloring for several reasons, and I guessed that the color had bled onto the pages. Other signs indicated that the book had been damaged by water. So I tried and – indeed, the blue color is not waterproof. I used this (and a damp cloth) to make the color a little more even over the boards.  – And felt pretty clever doing this.

adding gold to the spine
adding gold to the spine

Der neue Buchrücken war viel breiter als der ursprüngliche. Und ich hatte den Gedanken, den alten Titel wieder auf den neuen Rücken zu kleben zwar nicht ganz, aber schon fast aufgegeben. Außerdem hatte ich vor 4 Wochen von einer meiner Schwestern Goldfolie zum Spielen geschenkt bekommen. Und da dachte ich mir, ich könnte am Rücken gefahrlos mal probieren, ob ich die Goldschrift einfach erneuern kann.

Adding gold to the lettering worked better than anticipated. Should I add some to the front cover, too? I decided that this would be overkill. I am pretty sure that originally this was only gold colored.

There it is. Done, standing on the shelf, with the other travalogues. For those who cannot read the title, it translates to “The War in China”, and is a recollection of a German Officer from what he saw, I think mainly during the boxer rebellion, but I have not read the book. Which gives my dear husband reason to taunt me: “It took you more than a year to not read it?!” I guess I’ll take another look in the near future, now that it is no longer a collection of loose folios.

Und da ist es nun, fertig, und zwischen anderen Büchern auf dem Regal mit den Reiseberichten. Der neue Rücken ist vielleicht einen Millimeter zu breit. Deshalb habe ich die Hülse, die ich am Rücken vom Buchblock dann doch angebracht habe, nicht auch an den Rücken des Einbands geklebt. Ich dachte, die Hülse würde sicherlich mehr schaden als nützen. Jetzt sieht es so aus, als wäre es in Ordnung gewesen, sie anzukleben. Ach, dass ich mich da am Rücken vermessen habe macht mich unzufrieden. – Und das Buch ein wenig unsymmetrisch. Aber gnädigerweise sieht man das nicht, wenn es einfach so im Regal steht.

Now I am really looking forward to some other work on Monday. I hope I will be able to present my new flexagons soon. I have two of them virtually done. But my printer has been failing on me for the last week, and I am waiting for new ink, and a repair job. I am also still knitting on another book – this only takes longer than expected. I am only done for maybe a fifth of the work. But it is not forgotten.

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