Book Gift From The Netherlands

dymphie single sheet 01I received this book recently as a gift. It was made by Dymphie. I first met her online at the book arts forum, and in May we met in Amsterdam for my (our?) first bookbinding workshop. During the last year she pursued this awesome project to make 50 books during her 50th year, and have a huge give-away on her 50th birthday. I was one of the lucky winners and found this beauty of a book in my mailbox last week.

It doesn’t have a real cover. This is a single page binding, the pages are of a white slightly structured thick paper that almost feels like card stock. (I would guess at 300g/sm, but that’s a wild guess). I think it’s a heavy water color paper, and I am going to use this for more water color experiments (one the fair is done, and I have once again time for such pleasures).

dymphie single sheet 02
I am surprised at how flat and easily the pages open and turn. I’ll definitely have to try this style of binding for myself. Thank you very much Dymphie. And all the best for your next year of bookmaking!

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