When opened, “to touch and to cut” is a beautiful book object whose pages cannot be leafed through like in an ordinary book. Instead, they are connected at one side and open to show a shape that might remind the viewer of a flower. On the white leaves, red lines are visible that add depth to the milky white, shine-through pages.

The leaves in fact consist of only one long, folded strip of parchment paper that is not glued to the book and can easily be removed. Once outside its cover, it becomes apparent that this strip is folded in an ordinary accordion style and now can be leafed through. Hold it against a light source and you’ll see that the red lines across the pages are not random at all – they are all tangent to i.e. are all touching a common circle.
At the same time (and less apparent) all these lines also cut a larger circle with the same center. In fact they cut any larger circle at the same constant angle – this is why the larger circles are not visible as the smaller, touched circle. You have to know they are there, to know that the touching lines are also cutting.

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