The Smiley Oracle

The Smiley Oracle (Edition of 16)

smiley 01

Think of a question, open the book at a random page and interprete the face you see as an answer to your question.
With “The Smiley Oracle” I want to investigate the interaction of the reader with the contents of the book and on the question how much the information contained between book covers can vary from reader to reader.
The Smiley Oracle is a toy, a piece of art – and an oracle.

Each little book contains 160 hand printed Smiley faces, cut from soft linoleum. The book itself is hand bound in a Coptic binding style with linen thread.
All cloth used for covering the book and the slipcase is cotton. Color combinations differ for each copy.

Price: £37.00 (get it in my Etsy-Shop or just contact me)