moebius 1-01
For my Möbius-Project I made several books that have the form of Möbius-Strips. Each of the books is unique, explores topology in books, and specifically properties of the moebius strip.
Moebius 1 is translucent white, bound with dark red thread. It comes in a box together with two models, illuminating one of the essential differences between a usual closed strip and the twisted strip.
Moebius 2 has drawings of always the same knot (the unknot) becoming more and more complicated, and the turning into the unknot again. On oposing “sides” of the strip, the mirror knots of each other are shown, so that one could imagine a knot lying “within” the strip and being projected from two sides. Moebius 2 sits in a box, together with a leather ring which allows the user to experiment and visualize the knot in the pictures, and a small moebius strip model.
For all books the sounds they make while being read was important for the design. Moebius 3 was specifically designed to give a different sound than its predecants.

Materials and techniques

The moebius strip as well as most of the pages consist of a thick white parchment paper. The brown pages for Moebius 3 are made from aged glassine paper, taken out from an old encyclopaedia.
The pages are bound in pairs with a pamphlet stitch.
Materials for the boxes includes cardboard, binder’s cloth, and different papers.

Prices (contact me for purchases):
Moebius I £220
Moebius II £400
Moebius III not for sale