Gegen den Nachmahr (limited, varying edition of 12, signed and numbered)

nachtmahr box 05

about the book

Nachtmahr is the German name both for nightmare (a little oldfashioned word to use, though) and for the creature that is thought to cause nightmares by sitting on its victim’s chest.

With these nightmare boxes I wanted to find a sound presentation for the ancient German spell against nightmare, and investigate what it is that makes us believe in a spell.
The box is the book in that the text is written onto the backside of the drawer of an altered matchbox. The box contains different found items that are meant to be used as components to cast the spell. They can be put up together with the box itself on a nightstand, and the spell can then be read while lying in bed.

This is the complete text of the spell:
Nachtmahr, du lällek Dier,
komm van dese Nacht niet hier
Alle Water söllt gej waaije,
Alle Boome söllt gej blaaije,
Alle Spille Gras söj telle,
Komm mej vanne Nacht niet kwelle.

The following is a rough translation. The original German rhymes and has better rhythm than what I can imitate with English words.
Nightmare you evil creature
don’t come here tonight.
All waters you shall wade,
All trees you shall de-leaf,
All spades of grass you shall count,
don’t come torturing me in the night.

Finished in August 2014

Price: £55 (order via email)