Frozen in Time

frozen opened upWhat is photography but the attempt at preserving a special moment, special people? To what extent can it be successful?

The pages of this book show tracings of images of people and things that are or were close to me. The text on the page explains, names and formulates my love. However, it is written in a secret writing system that I developed in 2010 and used in several works in the following years, especially when I was writing about very personal things.

The eight pages from half transparent white parchment paper are folded up lengthways, and thus interact with each other as they sit in a crown book.

Like many of my books that are very personal this projects grew for a long time. Its beginnings can be traced to first experiments with tracing photos on this paper in 2009. This book was finished in 2012.

Price: £350 (contact me for details)