This sculpture from found object, paper, and parchment is that of a bird woman pushing off from empty nests, set into a rusted, cage-like structure, to leap into the air any minute.
This piece is part of my body of work concentrating on pregnancy, miscarriage, and perception of women and their bodies in public and prescription of norms by the public, especially in the context of procreation.

“Flight” is about the freedom of a woman to stay herself even in the context of pregnancy, whether failed or successful; about the right to feel about it in whatever way she does, and stay in control over how to deal with the outcome.
My personal experiences with miscarriages and IVF, and the various conversations I have had with other women about the topic, are the canvas onto which this is painted.

The bird-woman is perching on top of it all. She doesn’t sit between bars, imprisoned and surrounded by her nests. Whatever happened, however much it might have shaped and influenced her, it doesn’t necessarily define her. It is her choice to stay or leap off, leave it all behind, and set off to something new

Finished March 2019