“Erased” is a poem that I wrote in January 2014. It is a self-conscious poem that knows it has been crossed out. It is thankful to whoever takes the effort to read it despite being cancelled. – It ends with the hope that, although it is erased, it will not be useles, since it could be the start of something else. The very last words are left there, readable, say “this would be worth it.”

This poem is an hommage to the creative process. And a declaration of love to readers who dig deeper.

Book made by me

erased 04

Later that year, I made and finished a book featuring the poem. For this copy the text was written by hand with rubbing ink on waterford watercolour paper which I gave a thin coating with gesso. The poem was then erased by painting over with gold coloured acrylic paint. The backsides of the pages are covered with an acrylic wash with it deliberately staining the front page, and here and there are golden fingerprints or waterdrops. It has this atmosphere between precious (the gold) and discarted rubbish (good paper, but looking like rough cut-offs). And I wanted the cover to reflect this by choosing a precious material (well, semi precious) but I wanted it to be not quite there. So I decided to stitch parchment pieces together to use for the cover. And so the loose sheets are now held together by a brown cotton ribbon inside this parchment cover. Binding completely non-adhesive.

Price: £120 (contact me for details if interested in a purchase)

Books bound by Zoran

erased 2-01

In summer 2014 I was asked by Zoran to contribute content for a book for him to bind for a travelling artist book exhibition. I send him two copies with the erased poem, one on parchment pages, and one on paper. He bound two books with the material, one for him to keep, and one for me. The above photo shows the book with parchment pages that remains with him (photo by Zoran).

The following images show the book bound with paper pages which is in my possession. Most of the thread visible is purely decorative. The pages are only held together at one sewing station giving them ample space to twist around. Zoran added the additional paper guards at the spine. (Photos by me.)

Both copies are not for sale.