Du bist min, ich bin din

Du bist min, ich bin din

dubistmin03Du bist min, ich bin din is a famous old German love poem from the 12th century. According to finds, it has been used as an engraving in wedding rings and such throughout all this time. This is the poem:

Du bist min,
ich bin din,
des solt du gewis sin.
du bist beslozzen in meinem herzen,
verlorn is daz sluzzelin,
– du muost ouch immer darinne sin.

Which roughly translates to:

You are mine,
and I am yours,
this you can be sure of.
You are locked inside my heart,
and lost is the key,
– you have to stay there forever now.

I wanted to put this poem into a book, that might fit into a locket and could be worn or at least easily carried around daily. The book’s covers measure 1cm x 1.5cm, and each book sits in its own folded box made of Lokta paper.

The book has hard leather covers, is decorated with my own paste paper, is filled with a handmade rag paper that was dyed, torn to shape, filled with writing, and bound by me. It closes with a braided band that is tugged under itself, with the tiny glass bead at the end for the finishing touch.

Price: -.– completely sold out