“Chasing Infinity Through the Vanishing Point. Meditations with Straight Edge and Pencil” contains a series of self-imposesd challenges regarding different geometric constructions which are very closely connected to drawing objects in different perspectiv projections. This includes for example the formal construction of a shadow cast, as well as the illustration of a mathematical construction or theorem. A series of constructions shows -with slight variations- objebts being projected from one plane to another with a light source that slowly drops or rises along a given line, so thatit ends up throwing a part of the image to infinity, and then let it “come back” from there, – mostly unharmed, yet often a little twisted.
No editing took place, everything that came to mind, pencil and paper is still there, all trials that did not lead to anything useful, badly chosen examples, mistakes, outcrossings, frustrated comments, curious questions, notes about doubts whether I am doing it right. I wanted it to the result of an active meditation.
The last couple of pages are left blank, with a instruction for the reader to carry on and suggestions what to do next.

I prepared the dark brown pages of this book with a white gesso ground before drawing on them. To facilitate the handling, individual signaturs were bound with a simple pamphlet stitch. Then these pre-bound and filled quires are bound into the finished book.
Structurally this book is bound similar to Stamp Pal V 1075 from the Vatican Library, as described by Monika Langwe Berg in her publication “Limp Bindings from the Vatican Library”. Stamp Pal V 1075 contains theological meditations.
My copy has a thick cotton based paper for a cover while the original is a vellum binding. For the cover to stand the strain of the direct sewing, I included parchment guards both on the inside and the outside of the spine. Other than that it is very close to the original: Top and tail edges are simply turned in, not fastened, the front cover cut flush with the text blog, the back cover left long to wrap around the text block and tug under the front flap.

Price: £-.– (in private collection in Canada)