Book Arts Fair in Liverpool coming up – Die Stadt/The City on display

a shot from my laptop camera

Live goes by in a flurry once more with therapy sessions every single day this week, and no studio time for me. I am very weary of hospitals, therapy, and especially therapy dressed up as play sessions. Even my kids see through this easily by now. To keep myself in good mood, new hair dye is drying on my scalp as I am typing this. The result will hopefully be blue hair, but might end up nothing or blue skin – who knows. The excitement of the unknown…

I don’t have much time for blogging – the instructions actually say, I should have rinsed my hair 5 minutes ago. But I wanted to remind you that on the upcoming weekend there is the book art fair in Liverpool. I will probably be visiting with husband and kids. My book Die Stadt/The city is on display in the accompaning book arts exhibition, and I was very happy to hear that it has received much interest from visitors (and apparently they sold several copies, which I am going to bring on my visit. – Yay!). If you want to take a look, too, now is a good chance! If you indeed intend to go, drop me a line – it would be fun meeting up with you for a coffee.

Talk to you -hopefully- soon when I have more time at my hands!

3 replies on “Book Arts Fair in Liverpool coming up – Die Stadt/The City on display”

  1. I think Die Stadt is amazing (so glad to hear that you have sold some copies — how clever of the organizers to set that up!) and I can’t wait to see if your new, blue hair matches your eyes. ; }

    1. Hi Cathryn, thanks for the compliment on Die Stadt, you are too kind. I am very happy with the organizers, indeed. Especially since this is not set up as a selling exhibition.
      And my hair… It does not match my eyes, but they are indeed blue now. Since I started with fairly dark hair, and did not bleach them first, it is more a blue tint that is visible when the light comes in the right angle.

  2. I love the photo of you sitting at the computer, leaving the dye in 5 minutes past what the instructions say… ! (I would not be brave enough to snap a photo of me in front of the computer… heh heh)

    Wonderful news about Die Stadt, but I am not surprised you are selling copies. It is a marvelous and truly delightful little book. Well done! I’m so glad all that hard work you put into them has turned out to be so well worth it.

    Less delightful is all the time you are spending dealing with medical quacks professionals… Ugh. I’ve never had patience for that kind of play therapy thing, for any age. My own experiences with adult physical therapy were less than glowing as well. I feel for you. It’s so frustrating when one’s precious time is taken up dealing with soul-sucking appointments. Alas. Good luck…

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