Water World

Water World

Offenbar ist mein Buch für den Buchtausch “Was Neues” mittlerweile angekommen und es brennt mir unter den Nägel, es vorzuzeigen. Allerdings war der Einsendetermin erst der 15. Juni, also ist es eigentlich noch zu früh und einige wollen lieber noch gar nicht so genau wissen, was wir, die wir schon fertig sind, gemacht haben. Deswegen sage ich mal nicht mehr und zeige nur ein Bild vor. Vielleicht macht’s ja wenigstens ein bisschen neugierig.

While I am on my way to Bruges, I grant you a glimpse at my entry for the swap “Something New” on the book arts forum. I already showed you what I did not enter. Well, in the meantime Jackie received this book, and I feel free to show you this picture. – I’ll talk more about it when the deadline has passed. I’m just to impatient to hold it back…

Thanks for reading and I still wish you a nice weekend!

First Book after the Break


My first book after this break is a case-bound book, covered in a flannel that served me well as a pyjama for some years. The headbands are hand stitched, endpapers are sewn-on, with some decorative paste downs that I swapped with dwaallicht or Ignis Fatuus a few weeks ago. It has 320 pages from beautiful sketching paper.

It feels good to be making books again!

And there are more good news. I will be represented with my Smiley Orcale at Vamp & Tramp! I am not yet listed there, this will take another few days or weeks. But the ink on the contract is already drying.

Of course you can continue to order it at Etsy, if you want to!

Es fühlt sich gut an, nach der Computer- und Restaurationspause wieder Bücher zu machen! Das oben war mein erstes Stück seit dem. Und es gibt weitere gute Nachrichten. Ich werde demnächst mit meinem Smiley Oracle bei Vamp & Tramp vertreten sein. Jetzt muss ich nur noch die KSK (Künstlersozialkasse) davon überzeugen, dass das ein Beweis meiner Tätigkeit als Künstlerin ist.

I’ll be in Bruges this weekend, and will keep a lookout for bookish items to show to you. I’m looking forward to try to speak a little Dutch while I’m there. I was told that they have a different pronounciation there than what  am used to by my lessons (my teacher mainly practices in Ameland). We’ll see. My trials in Amsterdam yielded mixed results: Usually when I tried to speak to people in Dutch they would immediately switch to English, sometimes ask me to repeat what I just said. But one bus driver was so nice to ask me whether I am from Belgium and to seem honestly surprised and delighted when I told him I’m from Germany. They are nice people in Amsterdam! – That was when I was really tired, exhausted from a day of walking, wet to the bones from heavy rain, and I was not even trying to speak well. Maybe that’s the trick?

Have a nice weekend all, and thanks for reading!

Welcome Give Away: The Winners Are…

It is time to pull the winners for my give-aways. I pulled from the 16 people who left comments on the first post on this blog.

the names and the hatlike object
the names and the hatlike object

I wrote all the names on scraps of paper, put them in a hat-like object, and then shook it until one dropped out:


The material package goes to Robyn Tipton.

Ritter Sport Mini book
And the process repeated yielded Julia from the Spotted Sparrow as winner of the Mini Ritter Sport Book.

Congratulations to both! I already wrote you an Email to ask for your shipment details.

Thanks to all who commented and thus helped to improve the layout of this page.
I decided to keep the first banner for the moment. (Mainly because I am really fed up with coding and computers at this point.) I’m glad no one complained too much about it. On the long run I might change it to the second which I personally like better, and it got the most votes from you, too.

I hope to see you all around and hear from you again!

P.S.: I didn’t have the time to write an honest blog-entry about it, but just so that you don’t miss it, here’s a brief note: If you want to have a look at some exceptional nice pieces of book art, then check the Minneapolis Center of Book Arts Prize Finalists Page.

Getting closer to finishing the press


Endlich bin ich fast fertig mit dem Restaurieren der Buchpresse. Linker Hand ist nochmal ein Bild, wie sie aussah, als ich sie gekauft habe.
Heute bin ich endlich mit dem Saubermachen fertig geworden und sie hat eine erste Schicht Lack (Rostschutz und Lack und was nicht – das Produkt war angeblich 4 in 1) in mattem Schwarz bekommen.
Morgen werde ich noch ein bisschen Verzierung hinzufügen – und dann war’s das. – Endlich!

On the left you see the press how it looked when I bought it. Today I continued to clean it from the basic rust, and then started to scrub it with a wire pot cleaner and dish washing soap.

Then it was finally ready to be painted.


Not all of the previous paint is honestly gone as you can see in the picture. But I sanded all parts a bit and the platen(s) are really clean. Hopefully this suffices.

I wrapped the screw and the pieces that I don’t want to be covered in paint with strips of an old t-shirt and secured it with a bit of thread.

For basic painting I am using spraypaint that claims to combine 4 functions: Corrosion protection, color and whatever else.

I am planning to add some decorations tomorrow.  And then I will finally be done.


Oh, and you still have until Wednesday to enter the welcome give-away by leaving a comment to this post.