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found this in my studio today. It is not something I am actively workign on, but liked the picture.

Sigh, I have updated this blog software to version 4.0 and like others, too, I have difficulties uploading photos and other media to the blog now. At the same time I am really busy with my current projects (346 and a new instruction). And there is not so awfully much to share at this stage.
So, I am going to take a brief abscence from blogging. I started my first blog in May 2008 and I have been writing fairly regularly since then. But recently it seems to take an extra effort to sit down and publish something, and what then comes out from under my hands does not even seem inspired to myself. – I am not going to abandon this blog. I doubt that I could even if I now decided to (I’m an addict!). But maybe a little vacation would do me and this blog good. If you are still interested in my work and the progress of this new book, I would be very happy if you followed my facebook page. I do plan to give updates there every now and then.  – And in a few weeks or month, or maybe even days, I will be back with new esprit and hopefully something to say.

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what I have been doing today: working on a new book’s cover.

Seufz, ich habe die Software für diesen Blog auf Version 4.0 ge-updatet, und jetzt kann ich wie andere auch keine Bilder mehr hochladen. Das ist frustrierend, und zur gleichen Zeit habe ich ziemlich vir anderes zu tun, um mit meinen beiden Projekten (346 und der neuen Anleitung für eine koptische Bindungsvariante auf deutsch) voranzukommen. – Und so richtig viel darüber zu erzählen gibt es gar nicht. Daher mache ich wohl mal eine kleine Blogpause. Ich habe seit Mai 2008 regelmäßig gebloggt, und das sehr gerne. Aber in letzter Zeit merke ich, dass ich mich immer ein bisschen treten muss, um überhaupt was zu schreiben – und auf deutsch ja auch schon (aus genau dem Grund) nicht mehr so viel. Da ist eine kleine Pause vielleicht genau das Richtige. In der Zwischenzeit müsst ihr aber auf kurze Updates aus meinem Buchbindestudio nicht verzichten. Denn meine Facebook-Seite werde ich weiter benutzen. Also dann, bis nach dem Urlaub, in einigen Wochen oder vielleicht auch erst Monaten, aber wer weiß, vielleicht auch schon in ein paar Tagen. Wenn mich der Drang zum Schreiben halt wieder überkommt…

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  1. I think blog holidays must be the zeitgeist, Hilke. Like you, I’ve been uninspired about blogging lately, despite actually having things I could easily share. I hope the break is what you need and you are able to recapture your inspiration for blogging soon. Meanwhile, see you on the dark side (FB).

    1. Maybe it is. Maybe the smaller bits of status updates in social networks are indeed the zeitgeist. – Writing a good blog post takes that much more energy. But in return can be much more rewarding to read. I do hope you won’t abandon your blog completely.
      And yes, see you on the dark side.

  2. Sigh… @#$% WordPress. I’m so sorry to hear they got you as well. Ultimately, I was able to find a workaround via the plugin that I use for my gallery page. But then my web host actually came through (after I kept hounding them and went through a few tech support people). Utterly ridiculous and a complete waste of (way too much) time. They told me what they’d had to do to fix it, but I still don’t understand it. It wouldn’t have been anything that someone like me would’ve been able to handle. I’m afraid of upgrading WordPress now. This whole release seems to have been buggy.

    You have so much going on and so much pulling at your time, it’s completely understandable that you need a break for a while. But I do hope you come back at some point. Maybe after the 4.1 release? (Sigh…!)

    It’s hard to believe you’ve only been blogging a year longer than I. You seemed like such an experienced blogger when we first came across each other, in the early days of my own efforts. Sometimes it is good, though, to step away for a while.

    Good luck on 346 and the new instructions!

    1. Yes, @#$% WordPress. A word by word translation from German: This was the last drop that made the barrel flow over. (The straw that breaks the camels back?) It is not the sole reason to take a break. I found that including images from external sites (like ipernity) works just fine which would be all I really needed to keep on bloggin if I felt like it.
      But having to find a work around like that is just not right. I am happy to hear that for you this situation is resolved. I am impressed by your perseverence with all these difficulties with your blog lately, especially since you, too, have a lot on your plate.

      – Probably it won’t take long until I am back. I used the newly gained time on some experiments yesterday, and almost felt like blogging about them 🙂 Maybe once they lead to something, or one of the other projects come to a point where there is something real to show you.

      Thanks for your kind words and good wishes!

  3. I will miss you while you are gone. : )
    I have been continuing to use the old WordPress posting format, since the new one is glitchy! So far that seems to be working, but I haven’t tried posting anything for a couple of weeks. My last posts were written ahead and scheduled for release while I was away on holiday. (I don’t particularly like to announce on the internet that my house will be unoccupied for 2 weeks!)

    1. Thanks Cathryn!

      I am sure I will be back in time. Blogging is just my way of thinking, it seems, and while working I keep thinking “oh I should blog about that” or “I should take a photo this could make a good blog post” and the like. At the same time I am happy to not having to set aside time for writing longer posts for now. Once I finished one of the two projects I am working on, I’ll probably be back – with or without a new wordpress release.

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