Coptic Headband Instructions – Second Edition finally for Sale. My Birthday. Give Away!

It’s my birthday today! I love waking up to candle light, blowing them out, and making a wish. And I love getting presents, and calls, and congratulations from everyone. I dug out this photo from a stash of discarded pictures – sorry to family members who look way out of phase. This was taken probably on my 13th birthday at a quarter to six in the morning.

Like last year I want to spread my joy with a give-away. All you have to do to earn yourself a chance to to win, is to leave me a comment to this post: Wish me something for the next year. I will read all your wishes on Sunday evening and will reward the one that I enjoyed reading most.

If you win, I’ll make you a present. What it will be will depend on who wins. Two of the items that you could win are the following:

Yesterday evening I finally pulled the first copy of the second edition of my Coptic headband instructions out of the press. (Which now can be ordered again.) This is an improved edition – much more so than I had anticipated. I started to revamp the layout, but then all the little details that I didn’t like anymore had to be changed, too. So I added 14 more photos, made new and exchanged almost half of the existing ones, and post-processed all of them again. I also reformulated some of the instructions and found a bunch of minor mistakes. At the end you now find also an additional instruction for an alternative start of the traditional headband.

I might make it a “deluxe edition” with addition 3 mini books with their 6 edges decorated with the 6 headbands as a visual reference. – But these mini journals are not yet finished, so no promises! (Monster book has to be finished first.)

Because I was not sure, that I would finish this instructional book on time, I also held back a blank journal as a possible present. So maybe you could also win this prototype for my latest idea of how to combine an open spine construction with a case-bound book. The spine is cut open to reveal the sewing on the tapes for which I chose a blood-red silk tape which are also visible on the covers.

The book closes with magnets in these black fabric parts. It are the tapes which make the covers non-symmetric (and thus let you distinguish the front from the back).

288 pages from a creme white sketching paper; machine made headbands.

Case Bound with Exposed Sewing

9 replies on “Coptic Headband Instructions – Second Edition finally for Sale. My Birthday. Give Away!”

  1. Happy birthday Hilke! I hope you have a lovely day filled with much joy and fabulous presents. And may all your wishes be granted this year ­čÖé

  2. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! (und viel Gl├╝ck mit deinem B├╝cherladen ;-D)
    Annie – the Netherlands

  3. Hello and happy birthday Hilke!
    Ich w├╝nsche Dir Gl├╝ck, Sonne im Herzen, einen Kopf voller niemals versiegender Ideen und niemals Tristesse!

  4. ┬źB├╝cherladen┬╗? B├ťCHERLADEN? Ist mir da etwas entgangen? Egal, ich wer’s schon noch fr├╝hzeitig erfahren.
    Bis dahin: Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch – auch auf dieser Welle!

  5. Hi Hilke

    Sorry to have missed your birthday, I hope you had a wonderful time. Your books look wonderful.

    I wish you sucess and happiness for the coming year ahead. If you achieve as much this year as you did last I’m sure you will enjoy your journey.

    Best wishes, always

    Billie ­čÖé

  6. I’m too late for your birthday Hilke, but I wish you much happiness. As I have your first edition of the headbands book I think I’ll have to wait until you produce the big version with the sample mini books. I hope you do eventually have that for sale. All the best, Carol

  7. Thank you for the belated greetings and good wishes! ­čÖé

    Maybe I should apologize for not shouting louder about this give-away. But I decided not to make this big, and only celebrate with those readers that happen to be around – just like my real life birthday celebration.

    @pzillig: Ich nehme an, sie meint meinen Shop, den du durch den Link oben auf der Seite erreichen kannst. – Der hei├čt B├╝chertigers B├╝cherladen.

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