Bad Working Habits or Experimenting again

Still Experimental

As usual when I am under pressure of finishing a job, I do something else.

My to-do-list is getting out of hand again, and I’ll have to decide to drop some of my current projects – or postpone them which is for me usually equivalent to dropping them.

And still, I am experimenting… The booklet you see in the photo is a prototype for a longstitch variant I have been thinking of yesterday. It still needs some improvement, but I think I’m almost there.

Features that I am going for: At the head of the book some threads are passed through a common hole – it is really too few to stand out properly in this mini-example, but in the end it should remind you of a headband.

This idea started out as a buttonhole variant, and I wanted to get rid of the threads that pass over the edge of the cover on the tail. What’s really bad about a buttonhole is that the book is standing on the sewing threads, and should one of them break the whole book comes apart immediately. So this is fixed here.

What I like about the buttonhole is the window at the spine. Therefore I added one here, but it is actually nonfunctional and only decorative.

I’ll continue experimenting. I just wish I had a better hole punch (for example the Big Bite – have a look at this review by Billie).

And now I’ll finally start to write my theory blog post that’s supposed to be up tomorrow. – Or should I rather try out whether I can fit this new spiral pop-up that I saw this morning to my already too full trial version of a fancy flag book

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  1. I just looked at your fancy flag book. This is amazing, I do hope you post more on this. I’m impressed by your output – very innovative and always interesting.

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