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usa trip 2009

I am back from my trip through 4 US-states in 13 days. The flight was to Chicago, Il. A rented car brought me in a three day trip with visits in Milwaukee, Madison, the Dells, and the House on the Rocks through Wisconsin to Red Wing, Minnesota, where I joined the celebration of the wedding of Dan & Deborah.

For a congratulation card I made them a tunnel book very similar to the one for which I posted a template earlier. It had a wedding couple in the middle (just like the sketch I had for my underwater props) and confetti hanging on strings from the frames. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.

From there, M. and I drove to Minneapolis where we spend three days. It was a pleasant break from tourism and felt very much like coming home.  M. worked for two years at the IMA there, and I visited a lot in that time. He was then living near St. Anthony Main, so we decided to stay in the hotel right on Nicollet Island, and we visited all our favorite places, restaurants and bars.

And of course I also payed the Minnesota Center of Book Arts a visit. Before we started our vacation, M. and I promised each other not to work during that time (not the think of work, actually, which turned out much harder). Therefore I had not scheduled anything with them or even enlisted in a workshop. But of course I couldn’t leave Minneapolis without having a look.

I was lucky to be still in time for the Marking of Time exhibition. This alone would have been worth the visit! If you have the chance to see it somewhere: go! don’t miss it! (The exhibition schedule can be found at the linked page.)

After I had looked at all the books of the exhibit I turned to their own shop in which they sell some blank books, various book art supplies from paper over paint and type to linoleum, and also artist books. I turned probably every single item in my hands twice. Even the type got my full attention (though I never worked at a letterpress before). After a while my dear M. reminded me that our parking time was over. And really, there was nothing more to do: I had seen there everything, chose a book to buy, looked again, talked a bit… But I simply didn’t want to leave! The whole atmosphere was so nice. M. being a understanding husband offered to enter more coins into the clock. – But there really wasn’t anything more to do, and so we left, after a much too short visit.

As a souvenir I bought this little book:

Book Artist blues 1It was printed at deconstructed artichoke press. Here’s another picture from the inside. It’s an accordion structure, twisted once so that it can be folded from a letter sized piece of paper.

book artist blues 2

From Minneapolis we drove through Iowa to St. Louis, Missouri. We paid the arch a visit and then drove back, over the river into Illinois and to Chicago. We then spend 5 days in this bustling city, saw a lot of art and bought a huge pile of books there.
Chicago Bean
From Chicago we flew back home. And now it’s back to work for me.

During the 2 weeks of absence from making books, I felt the need to work creatively like an itch that grew stronger and stronger. – I’ll dedicate the next week to scratching that itch.

Everyone who still waits for a comment or answer to an Email, please be a little more patient. I worked through most of the backlog, but I am not completely finished yet.

See you around!