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swap 024 kleiner

The theme for the 12th bookbinding Etsy Street Team swap was recycling. I wanted to create something which is visibly reused and still shows the traces of its previous life. And so I covered the book in pieces of this old pair of jeans. The binding style is a sewing on tapes with a chain stitch in between for increased stability. For tapes, I chose seams of the same jeans. The boards themselves are laminated from card stock that comes with the paper I usually buy. The pages inside are all cut from brown paper bags, most of them plain but some with an interesting pattern. One bag that I got in a comic shop even features a comic strip. To see all the other’s contributions, check our team’s blog. There are also more  books to come, so check again if you don’t want to miss any.

swap 025 kleiner

Das ist das Buch, das ich für den 12. B.E.S.T. (bookbinding etsy street team) Büchertausch gemacht habe. Das Thema war Recycling – Und so ist denn wirklich alles an diesem Buch, abgesehen vom Klebstoff und dem Faden, schonmal benutzt worden. Mehr Bilder von all den anderen Teilnehmern gibt’s auf unserem Team Blog.

swap 030 kleiner

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