yWe are currently bang in the middle of the two week autumn half term. So instead of five hours a day plus the weekend, I only have the evenings and weekend to print, make books, write, pack orders and ship. But this can mean great focus. And it worked for me this weekend. I am rather happy with what I was able to get done.

artwork by H. Kurzke

You might have seen that I blogged a little over the weekend, you have not seen what communitcation I got done, and plans formulated. And then there’s also what you can see up in the picture: The Saturday was mainly dedicated to printing. I did a monoprint (“gaze”), which turned out different than I planned, but I love it, – and this is the joy of these dynamic kind of prints. Most of the time I worked on refinding my polymer-clay, indirect printing method, and am rather happy with the results. – The leaf print on the right is an example where I didn’t use the polymer (obviously leaves instead) but it’s the same printing technique. I had been collecting leaves with the kids during the week, and then used some of them for these prints that I later coloured with watercolours. I think it worked great. And I made three messages in bottles with a leaf and two fish (polymer technique) inside.

leaf print: above shows how it came out of the press, below the coloured in version

Well, and yesterday it was box-covering time. The strips were all ready cut. It still took more time than I thought. Each box is covered with 9 individual pieces of linen laid paper, and covering one box took a little over an hour. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the process – and thus can’t complete the series of making-of posts I featured here. But there are still the lids to make, so there’s one more chance to show the process.

Wishing you a wonderful autumn!