A  bunch of discarted props
A bunch of discarted props

“An artist is a human who looks into the world, sees that there is something missing, and then has to make it since no-one else seems to do it.” I read something along these lines from somewhere, probably a quotation of someone famous and I ought to know from whom it is.

Not for every single piece, but sometimes, it is like that for me and my plans. I realized that when my husband once pointed it out. I was whining about the process of doing something I don’t remember. It somehow wasn’t working out, and I was reluctant to try again. “You just would prefer if someone else already did this,  am I right?” he said.

I came back home from my US trip with so many pictures and ideas in my head. And I am eager to give life to them. And there are so many old ideas, too. I am working right now on my underwater-maybe-tunnel-book. But just right now everything seems too bland once it exists in the real world, and needs to be taken apart and be redone immediately. I wish, I could just tell all these ideas to someone else, who would make them all, and then I’d decide to maybe buy one of them. But mainly I would just be happy that they existed. Maybe just for a minute before I had to do something else again, but still …

When it’s like that, and I simply seem to be unable to project my thoughts into this world, I can’t help but think I made a mistake. Maybe I should have be doing the calculations for an insurance company all day long. Instead of trying to do something that I apparently are unable to do.

Maybe I just crave for some artist’s company. I think I would very much enjoy a joined project. But I know only mathematicians in this part of the world.

(Music video for Tanya Davis’ song Art by Andrea Dorfman)

Well, back to work!e

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  1. Hi Hilke

    Two places of inspiration
    Julie is running an art journaling class in September, come and join us on Ning. Julie is a wonderful teacher and fellow students are forming a wonderful artistic community in there.

    There are lots of interesting magazines on here;

    If you would like to find out more about what art journaling is all about try this one
    Issue One is available as a digital download


    Billie 🙂

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