woman with hat 2 by H. Kurzke, making of
page in my big sketchbook

Printing is a little bit like a drug. Once started, there are just so many thing to do and try and it is hard to find a way out. You think you could focus on other things (like on to finish a book with title 346), then you make just one little print, and you are hooked again. – After the fun of making the quick softlino print “woman with hat” the other day, I just had to go on. As I told you in my last post, the woman that could be seen in that print was made in strong resemblance to a sketch I found elsewhere. I liked her hat, so I thought I’d try some other hats. You see a page in my big sketchbook up there. Different hairdoes, all of the models facing to the right in just the same way as the original lady. I tried to like reproduce what I liked about her.

All except one. – Ideas can be so funny, I have no clue why I drew her like that. I was more like a subconscious doodle. But it was pretty clear right from the start that she was who I had been searching.

woman with hat 2 by H. Kurzke
woman with hat 2, in my regular sketchbook, the printing block and once of the prints I made

But I still wanted her to face to the right in the print. So I copied her (mirrored) into my regular sketchbook. She was a little too big, so I had to make her smaller. – And that’s it, really.

I am also working on some more serious prints. I hope I’ll have to show you something more after the weekend. I also hope that the fun I currently have with printing isn’t the end of 346!

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  1. Guten Morgen, deine Frau mit Hut hat mir ein Lächeln gezaubert, dir einen schönen Tag, Grüße aus Deutschland, Baerbel

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