Another day with Studio Bliss

I really ought to sit down and do some serious works, but I am so in love with my studio at the moment, and feeling so productive. Should I really stop and get to work? I don’t know. In any case, last weekend I finished another batch of prints and learned some more about dry-point, different substrates and paints. Maybe I’ll talk about that again in another post, I don’t know yet. Some of those prints are on my table here. I just loved how my working table looked like when I set out to work today. Not many words for now, but I’ll show you some more pictures.

Fallen cherry blossoms, gathered to add a second layer to my eco prints, made from fallen cherry leaves last autumn.

Upon opening the packages I thought they had grown mold while being steamed. But it just looked so ugly. Luckily I did not treat all my papers that way. The whole batch went into the bin. – Another one. Well, looks like I’ll have to get used to that.
second batch of messages in bottles
Then spent the rest of the day finishing these 7 new bottles for my message in a bottle project. More about that will be visible on their own blog soon.

As you can see I used some of the feather prints. I don’t know what to do with most of them, though. Also two are still “fishy”, fish being the big theme for the last batch, and the one on the very left here contains just one large big scroll with one of my own stories written on it. I am tempted to make a small edition of the scrolls, with a cover added that is different from a sealed glass bottle.

Here is making of picture. It is one long scroll!
flaschenpost Sneak Peek

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  1. A lovely and interesting collection of photos. You are working on so many things at once, I’m impressed! And I must checkout your Facebook page and have a look at Etsy, too. So much to see, Hilke. xxx

  2. Hi Carol,

    thanks for you comment. Well, I guess taking care for two demanding toddlers taught me to use the little time I have more efficiently :-). I fear, however, that there is not much going on at Etsy at the time. Although I do feel quite productive at the moment, there is just so much time, and it has been a while since I made my last book. Actually there is one sitting on my desk with just half a headband, and I can’t seem to find the time to finish it.

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