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The pamphlets are finally finished and one copy is on its way to Canada, the other to the Netherlands. Maybe you wondered why you didn’t get to see any more illustrations for the second text? Well, the reason is slightly embarrasing: The copyright for the text is actually still held by the author, and I therefore may not print and distribute it – or I would have to ask for permission, which I didn’t do. Therefore I made no illustrations, sorry. I’ll show you more pictures, and talk a bit more about the pamphlets in a seperate post, soon. Today, I have several more news:

  • I am featured today in Billie’s Craftroom as the artist of the month – check it out (and ignore the misspelling of my name), and don’t forget to look a bit around. She has several entertaining series of blog posts and features for you to enjoy.

  • pamphlet italicist 01

    I am late with my pamphlet for the swap. The one I received in return has already reached me. A nice booklet, filled with a pleasant writing paper in this really classy and beautiful color combination on the outside. It was made by Christpher Grundke, also known as italicist.

  • jackie notebook 01
    I won this beautiful book on the left side in a give-away from Jackie.

  • give-a-way

    If you also want to win win a book click the banner on the right hand side. Dymphie, the winner of my pamphlet, is holding a give-away for her 50th birthday, the 500th blog post, and the 50th book finished soon – check out her beautiful work!

Although my foot is still slightly swollen and hurting (actually it seems to be getting worse again, probably I was walking around too much), I generally feel much better since my studio is finished and I can work again. Last week I feared to get sick on top of my limp. But apparently this were only symptoms of my withdrawel from making books. Thanks to all who send good wishes!

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  1. Your carving is so awesome Hilke i feel so lucky to the prints in person soon. Thanks for putting up my button 🙂 Now off to read Billies post.
    bye, Dymphie

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