Altered Book

altered bookThis is exactly a half of the Bonn telephone book, glued together with some layers of mull in there. The screw inserted at the top makes it usable as a leg for our comfy chair. Originally, instead of phone book pages, there was a iron leg welded to the screw. It broke off about half a year ago. Since then we have tried several times to attach it by superglue, and recently with hot glue (the first giving in after a few month, the latter after a few minutes). So we were determined now to find a longer lasting alternative. – And this it is. I’m pretty sure this will hold together until we are moving again.

The chair is low enough for the leg to be hardly visible. First I thought, I should shape it a little more and then paint it black. But now we are using it just like that, and secretly enjoy the makeshift design.

I am rather busy at the moment with a whole lot of projects. The next weekend I’ll be in my first craft fair as a seller. Please excuse me being rather short mouthed on this blog until then. See you there in Meckenheim!

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