ABCThey had a special deal for pencils at the drug store around the corner. (Don’t ask me why the drug store is selling pencils in the first place. For some reason they did, and they were very cheap.) So I couldn’t resist to buy 30 of them and cut letters in the eraser ends. Here’s a sample text with them. It translates to: “These are the adventures of Fritzi and Kolya who went out to explore the world” – no real title for a real story. But I do think of putting it in the diary for our kids that we are writing for them.

sample text with new stamps

In der Drogerie auf der Ecke gab es ein Sonderangebot für Bleistifte. Da konnte ich nicht widerstehen und habe 30 Stück gekauft und einen Satz Buchstaben in die Radiergummienden geschnitten. Das wollte ich schon immer mal probieren. Das zweite Bild zeigt einen Beispieltext, der mir gerade so in den Sinn kam, als der Titel einer Geschichte, die ich gerne bereits geschrieben hätte. Vielleicht setze ich ihn aber auf das erste Blatt des Tagebuchs, das wir für unsere Kinder schreiben.

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  1. Who can resist pencils, especially if you can carve letters from the erasers to print a book with!!!
    I hope that “Fritzi and Kolya” have many happy adventures with you, and that they (the adventures) end up in a book. :}

    1. Thank you for the good wishes 🙂 Maybe some adventures will end up in a book; quite probably in some modified way. I am surprised how much life itself seems different with them around.

  2. Great alphabet set! I’ve always been amazed by people who could carve pencil erasers and actually have them come out legible. May Fritzi and Kolya have many wonderful adventures that are turned into many delightful books.

    And I’m especially glad to hear the little ones are improving day by day. Been thinking of you lots and hoping things are going better.

    1. Hi Ellen,

      Oh, cutting the pencil erasers was easier and faster than I had anticipated. After cutting the third or fourth letter I got the hang of it, and the eraser suddenly seemed bigger than before, with lots of space for details 🙂

      And yes, the kids are growing stronger each day. Thanks for asking and the good wishes. I am eagerly looking forward to the time when they will start to talk and share their thoughts.

      “It’s the most terrifying day of your life the day the first one is born. Your life, as you know it, is gone. Never to return. But they learn how to walk, and they learn how to talk, and… and you want to be with them. And they turn out to be the most… delightful people… you will ever meet in your life.”

      Quote from “Lost in Translation” the movie directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blog. You do fantastic work and thank you for sharing it with us. I really like the story ideas – I hope you keep going with that. The pencils are fantastic (being a pen addict I get the bulk purchase!). Given the size of those erasers – what did you use to carve them? I can’t imagine that patience….

    1. Thank you, Holly! That is always nice to hear, of course, and cheered up my afternoon 🙂 I carved the erasers with an x-acto knife. If you like it you should give it a try – it really is easier than it looks!

  4. Love those stamps! Great idea to carve them on pencil erasers with a built in handle! I haven’t tried anything that small yet.
    Glad to hear that your twins are doing well, and I hope you are enjoying every moment with them (there will be lots of time for bookbinding later!). Writing a journal to your kids is a wonderful idea–are you doing a separate one for each of them? My husband wrote letters to our kids when they were younger–I wish he were still doing this!

    1. Hi Laura,

      nice to see you visiting here! The idea to carve the letters in the pencil erasers is not mine, I first saw it somewhere on Flickr and on several other occasions since then. I wanted to give it a try since I first saw it. The idea indeed is so neat: The built in handle and letters cut into something with which you could write is also rather funny, I think.

      Hubby and I are writing a journal for both kids together. Keeping two journals would be too difficult, I guess, and we would stop writing rather soon. And they are so close at the moment that it seemed just natural. But we are addressing both individually, and there are parts that are meant for them both, and those where only one of them is addressed. This journal kind of is like a series of letters to them both.
      Did you give the letters already to your kids? How old were they when they first read them? And what was their reaction?

      1. My kids are 12 & 14 right now, and since the journals have never officially been finished, they are still in our possession. I don’t know if they have ever read them, and I’m not even sure they are aware of them. I think they are, but they don’t ask about them. I’m not sure if we’ll wait until they are 18, or move out of the house, or get married…..or retire, lol! They’re precious!

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