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another gift I received for my birthday a couple of weeks ago

After a long while I finally had a nice long weekend in my studio. After tidying up a little, I did one of my beach findings sketches to calm down and get into the spirit. Regular readers will know, I have this little book which I started in September 2014 with the intention of making it a daily exercise to make a sketch of some of the treasures I brough back from a beach the same year. Well, since then I have made 22 sketches and there are 10 more pages to go before I finish the book. So it never turned out a daily project. However, making these sketches never fails to calm me down and help me focus, and I really ought to be doing it more often.

Of course I continued to work on 346 after that introduction, and had a very fruitful day in that. There is nothing tangible that I can show you now. I have been mainly working on the text, and pushing forward the concept a little. Also today I worked on editing, but I am very hopeful to finish editing and being able to get out a first copy some time soon-ish. We are going to move house this spring (this deserves its own blog post which I will write some time, I promise), and I would like to make this book before the move. I *really* hope I will manage!

results 01
results: beach sketches, top from yesterday, bottom from today and a trial with asian brushes and ink (and burning iron)

And when I couldn’t concentrate enough anymore, I turned to trying out another gift for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. My parents gave me a box of chinese calligraphy brushes. So I got out the rubbing ink, and made the quick trial you can see above. I was going to try the burning iron on the wet paper (as the paper is very thin, I am not sure it will work well when the paper is dry), however the butane gas ran out in the middle of it. But you should be able to see the beginnings: a couple of triangles in the image there.

And finally I made a block for Jeanne’s 70273-project which I told you about last Wednesday (below on the left). With a light blue thread I first sew parallel lines onto the white fabric, then a pink line across, and two fat red crosses on the bottom. Then I added asemic writing with a biro. It should stand being washed every now and then, but will most likely fade over time. That is intentional.

results 02
results: two blocks for the 70273 Project by Jeanne from; please note: the lines on the left block are sewn

Not a bad outcome for a weekend, especially since most of it is invisible to you. Happy.

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