A Ray of Sunlight

A ray of sunlight

It’s the “dark season” here at the moment. Though I am not even living far north in Europe I feel the darkness of the days pressing in, and I am waiting for winter solstice which is luckily not too far away now.

While I was working at my computer this morning (looking for quotes about perfection – if I manage to finish my work as planned you will see the results next week), a ray of sunlight got caught on my bookshelf. At first I thought this was made by sunlight falling through some type of lense, maybe a reflection in a window. But this is actually the light of the rising sun (at 9.30 a.m.) falling through my window and illuminating this books.

Here’s a close-up:

A ray of sunlight

One reply on “A Ray of Sunlight”

  1. Wonderful picture. Maybe its a sign, is the sun telling you to create something from a theme contained within one of those books perhaps?

    Best wishes

    Billie ­čÖé

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