A Merry Chistmas and Happy Holidays to you all

And suddenly it was Christmas already. That was how it felt. The last days were spent in the kitchen to finish several treats, among them these butter and creme caramel bars with almonds and chocolate. I then wrapped them into Italian endsheet paper and hope they will make good gifts tonight.

Thanks to all who visited here in the last year, and commented, and took an interest. I wish you wonderful holidays and a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it.

Und plötzlich war Weihnachten! So hat es sich wenigstens angefühlt. Die letzten Tage habe ich nicht in meinem Arbeitszimmer sondern in der Küche verbacht, und habe zum Beispiel noch diese Sahne-Karamell-Tafeln gemacht, mit Mandeln und Schokolade. Das Ganze dann in Italienisches Vorsatzpapier gewickelt, und so sind sie dann hoffentlich willkommene Geschenk-Beigaben.

Vielen Dank für alle, die im letztem Jahr hier vorbegeschaut haben, vor allem denjenigen, die auch einen Kommentar geschrieben haben. Es war eine Freude zu sehen, wie viele Anteil genommen und ein Interesse hatten. Ich wünsche wunderschöne Feiertage und gesegnete Weihnachten allen, die sie feiern.

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  1. Mmmmm….! I’m sure those treats will be happily received! They look more luscious and beautifully wrapped than anything I’ve ever seen in a store here. Great gift idea.

    “And suddenly it was Christmas already.” I can’t believe myself how fast this month–and year–have gone. Doubly so for you, I’m sure! I hope you and all the family have a wonderful Christmas. Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  2. Dear Hilke,
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I haven’t visited here for a while as I’ve been spending a bit less time online. Your latest books are beautiful! I am so amazed to see you creating such complex work with everything going on for you at home. I suppose it is the mind’s way of helping you through.
    I hope your little girl is alright at the moment and the four of you were able to enjoy Christmas. May 2012 be a healthier and more peaceful time for you all.

    As for my book/box, I only made an edition of 10, plus an artists proof. Seven have gone to other members of BAO, one is for Jeanette Winterson (the author) and the State Library of Queensland has purchased one. That only leaves one available, and at the moment I am holding onto it as it may be going to the Abecedarian Gallery in the US for an exhibition. If it becomes available, I will announce it on my blog.

    I am going to do a post about the making process, so you can see a little more of it then.

    All the best to you, Hilke! You are an inspiration!

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