A glimpse at my workspace

I have been rather silent lately, I know. Plus I should have finished several projects by now and I haven’t. Kids are getting ever more time consuming, and at the moment I am spending more time with them than before since hubby has some important projects to finish, too. (Actually before his co-author will be a father for the second and third time.- His wife is due with twins in a couple of weeks; as I understand, they are expected every day now.) Well, but at the same time I AM rather busy, just the time for tidying up is the rarest. You see there on my workspace: On the left some new fabric and an old pair of jeans for books should I ever have time to make them, a basket full of 18/4 thread, beside it a smaller basket with 18/3 thread, then two boxes (lensbaby box on top) with finished pieces in the top box and material to work in the bottom box,  an older project that is recent again: “Frozen”, with wax covered parchment booklets with imagery from old photos of my grandparents and my sisters and me as children, right by its side a white box with the “The City” – I only got marginally further with that edition but sure is far on top of my to do list in my head, then the green box on the front has full 18/3 thread spools, and in the center you see a envelope ready for shipping out some thread and underneath larger paper on which I made some sketches and plans.

I have been busy thinking about my thread-related income and am pondering investing in a much larger stock by purchasing colored non-waxed 18/3 thread directly from German producers. It would mean more profit per meter of course, and finally I would be able to offer substantial discount for larger orders. But would be a hefty investment now and I will have to think some more whether I assume I will be able to get the invested money back in reasonable time.

The instructions to go into the 2-needle Coptic binding kits are almost done. (Feels like they have been in this state like forever.) I changed and added a lot of text since the testing phase but that is done and ready now. And now want to change the photos, too. I hope I’ll manage to have them ready for sale in the first weeks of June, but that not only depends on me.

Ich war recht leise in den letzten Wochen, ich weiß. Zeit war eher knapp, und es gab und gibt viel zu tun. Dias Aufräumen spare ich mir dann häufig auf bis gar nichts mehr geht, und so sieht denn dann auch mein Arbeitsplatzaus. Mit der Anleitung und den Kits bin ich nun wirklich fast fertig. Zumindest mit dem Text, den ich seit der Testphae nochmal deutlich ausgebaut und umgestellt habe. Nun will ich auch die Fotos noch mal zu machen, und so werde ich nochmal ein Wochenende brauchen bis das in Druck gehen kann. Ich hoffe also auf das Erscheinungsdatm Anfang Juni. Aber ich halte euch natürlich auf dem Laufenden.