Message in a Bottle No. 72 (Take 2)
I made a teeny tiny book today to put into one of my bottles. It measures about 4mm x 5mm and has handwritten text in it.
Making a book, even if it was just a small one, was a welcome change from a lot of printmaking recently. Since I have been complaining so much about it, I probably owe you a status update: I finished a print by now, and send it off to Japan yesterday. I am not sure whether it is my best yet or total crap. Maybe I’ll talk about it another time, for now I am just happy to leave that experience behind me…

And I guess, I might make some books in the weeks (days?) to come. Of course I am also still working on 346, the book about my hospital stay in 2011. I am currently rewriting and re-formatting the text since I decided after the second draft that I need to radically change its form. Instead of a series of postcards, it is now going to be a scroll that sits in a box and has to be cranked forward and back to be read. I really hope to finish that book soon! I am eager to show it off and let people read it. But it has to be ready first.

Have a nice week, you all!

One reply on “A Book for a Change”

  1. I absolutely love that bottle, Hilke! I keep going back to look at it and want to stare at it. Marvelous!

    And excellent news that you got the print done. Whew! It is awful to have something like that hanging over you, when it feels like it’s just not coming together. Still, it’s done and you’ll get to have your print in Japan, which is pretty nice.

    I think the idea of a scroll with a crank is perfect for 346. The viewer can’t turn the pages or peek or jump ahead. Like the experience itself, it will have no shortcut to the end. I’ll be curious to see how the design goes. A winding scroll is something I’ve actually always wanted to try myself, but I’ve never attempted such a thing. It strikes me as the sort of structure you’d be very good with.

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