8 down, 4 to go – or 346 to go, depending on viewpoint

2 jigs in one taped to my desk – working on a first prop of 346

In my last post I mentioned that I was still undecided what project to concentrate next on. By now I have pretty much made my mind up:

Of course the nightmare boxes need to be finished. I have 8 done by now, 4 are still waiting for completion. I failed to count the beads I still had before starting to attach them to the scrolls, and now I am waiting for fresh supplies to arrive here so that I can finally be done with the last 4.But I should start making photos soon of those that are done. They differ slightly from each other, and I decided to list individual numbers on Etsy for now. Once I have some nice pictures to share, you will see them here, too.

There are a lot of small stripes and bits of parchment left from making the scrolls, and decided it was time to make some blank books once more, and use the parchment for decorative bits like I did here:

The general idea is that these blank books will serve as props for the photos I will have to /want to make for my new instructional book. So, yes, I do plan to finally get that project going again. For this I also ordered new supplies: several leather skins, and new punches with different shapes, so that I am not restricted to the pattern above.

In the meantime, while waiting for the studio to fill with more materials, I am making a first prop for 346. A good bit of work will have to be done until I can print the books, but it seems I am on a good way to getting it done.

The Smiley Oracle, H. Kurzke

And there is more good news: I just recevied notice that my smiley oracle has been accepted into the Coptically Bound exhibition at the Abecedarian gallery  in Denver, where you can see (and purchase) it from September 18 to November 1. If any of you can make it there, I’d be happy to hear about it and the exhibit.