The joy of editioning

Done. I just finished signing and numbering the 100 bookmarks for bookmarks XIII. Ah, the joy of editioning. Sure, making editions can be very tiring, repeating the same action over and over. I am one who likes to move on quickly, usually, having solved a problem there is no sense in doing it again, or is there? Well, editioning can be so satisfactory. It is like: Look, I have not made one lino print, I made 100. And now they are lying in this big neat pile looks so nice on my desk.

The desk itself looks less nice. In the first image you can see black, non-healing cuts on the cutting mat. It has suffered from 100 bookmarks being cut from the same template on the exact same place.
Well, on to writing on their back. I have the chance of giving my contact details on the back of the bookmarks, and so probably I should. I guess I should cut a stamp for this…

3 replies on “100 bookmarks done”

  1. Oh, wow! Congratulations! It is a marvelous feeling of achievement, isn’t it? And hand-printed, too! It’s such a wonderful design — I know they’re going to be well liked.

    (And of course you have to put your details on the back! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the congrats. Yes, the numbering and signing was a bit dull. Also I notice that my signature is getting less and less readable the higher the number 🙂

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