Stone Piles

stone piles 1

I am home from a short vacation at the English East Coast. I brought a selection of stones, sea glass, and shells with me. I tried to make my kids collect some, but they just picked them up to throw them into the water (great fun, apparently), and so I had to be careful to make sure they indeed went home (the stones). I was surprised and delighted by the range of colours the stones had. At the time I picked them up, I thought would go into bottles to be posted. But now I am not so sure anymore what to do with them.

While struggling to find back to work, I decided, they need to get arranged in piles in my studio.
stone piles 2

The stone in the middle here is specially fascinating, the one with the hole. This hole was drilled by anothe small stone. The hole goes almost through the hole stone, and the little one is holding on by just fractures of mm:
stone with hole detail

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