Night At The River

I mentioned before that at the moment I spent too few time on free work for a healthy inner balance. Last Thursday I decided it was time for a quick fix, and I sneaked out of the flat after the kids fell asleep for a photo session. I planned to try some long time exposures of the river Rhine, possibly with a pinhole at night.

It turned out it was raining that night. Well, not really raining, something between mist and rain, that kind of drizzle that you don’t even feel on your face and yet it gets you soaked within minutes. Also, it was really cold and the combination made stones rather slippery. When I left home I said jokingly to hubby “I hope I won’t fall into the river” and when I climbed down the steep stairs into the riverbed I really feared I could slip. The water was comparably high that night, but I found a patch where mainly mussel shells, a bit of sand and some big stones formed a area for me and the tripod to stand. Each time a ship passed by the waves rose up to where I stood, and I feared to get wet feet and equipment. I ended my expedition when my fingers went from numb to painful sting and the risk of dropping the camera seemed higher than the chance to get another decent picture. All in all I was out for no more than maybe an hour. Many pictures are blurry because the combination of gushes of wind with the long exposure times made the shaking of the tripod become visible. However, I like many of the results. Trying for pinhole was not an option, though, as it turned out. Click here to see more examples in my photostream. Below is one of the better trials with the pinhole. I am not totally sure what is in the picture, to be honest. But I believe the upper lights are from the lamps on the bridge, and the lower row of light from street lights a the road that runs parallel to the river, and the greenish light is on one of the bridge’s pillars.