39 covers

cutting linoleumMy studio is still not functional. I am missing some furniture, and stacks of paper and stuff is lying all around the place. I don’t have the proper space to make books at the moment. And I should be sorting though stuff anyway. But desperate times require desperate measures: I fought for a little piece of desk, and found enough space to make some lino cuts.

Today, I was printing the whole day, and prepared covers for 39 pamphlets that will hopefully be ready in a few days and then end up in my shop. I’ll leave you with photos of the drying prints. For more information click on them.

Heft mit Eule
Heft mit vier knoten
Heft mit Knoten
Hefte Maedchen 01
Hefte Maedchen 02
Hefte Maedchen 03
Hefte Maedchen 04

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