Recent and Ongoing Projects

Project Message in a Bottle

Project Message in a Bottle is an ongoing art project which I started in 2013. It quite plainly consists of small pieces of art put into a bottles and which are eventually released to be found by random strangers.

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  Limp Leather Binding Miniature


Miniatures of all kinds have been part of my artwork from the very beginning in 2008. It all started with miniature blank books sold in matchboxes. Now they feature big in my Small World series of messages in bottles, and of course as part of my latest book "346. A Journey While Staying as Still as Possible", an edition of 10 where the first 2 copies come with a replica model of the hospital room No. 346 where I spent 7 weeks prior to the birth of my twins in 2011.

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Women with Hats

A series of bookmarks that started with women with hats and other headware, and by now widened up to also include the occasional women sporting interesting hair or hair accessories.

The prints are made using different techniques and are given out as gifts and artist cards.

They are part of my effort to portrait the breadth of women faces and beauty beyond the mainstream notion of female beauty.

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What can I do for you?

My artist books can be purchased in my own webshop as well as through different rare book sellers. Please see the Where To Buy for details. There you will also find links to where I offer ready made blank books and supplies. Please do contact me for information about comissions and workshops.
Blank Books
I am taking commissions for books, for example blank books that serve as guest books at weddings or other functions, as well as small books with content.

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I am a teacher until deep down and am happy to teach everything I know. I do one-on-one sessions and small workshops in my studio, and have been hired for larger workshops. You can also purchase written instructions from me, or bookbinding kits for different skill levels.

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In my Büchertiger Supplies Webshop I sell coloured linen thread, ideal for bookbinding and notoriously hard to find, especially in Europe. You probably won't find anywhere a larger selection of colours.

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Behind the Scenes

If you are interested in my work in progress, take a sneak peek at future artwork on my blog. You have nothing to loose!
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The People Working at Büchertiger Studio



I am physically making all the books that you can buy from Büchertiger Press. I love experimenting with book structure and new materials



I am sketching and drawing and making the prints that you can find in Büchertiger books or as a stand-alone print



I am writing the blog, the instructions, and the contents of all Büchertiger Books

The Twins
The Twins


Providing entertainment and distraction for all personnel here at Büchertiger Studio & Press

    The Book Tigers
    The Book Tigers

    The Secret Bosses

    Oversee all that gets done here in the Studio

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