Visitor in my studio todayThose of you who follow me on Facebook have seen images of my worktable in the last day(s), showing that I am working on 346 again, or rather this time on the box for the first two copies (some more will come in a simpler container).

Some of you might remember that I have still some difficulties to overcome for the scroll itself. I am not sure I mentioned it, but I finished a first scroll on the actual paper I want to use, and I made a tube without visible greyboard – but the scroll didn’t fit inside. It turns out the scroll has 5 panels too many. I am still pondering my options, but I think I’ll make it a big taller, so that it will need less pages. I am just a little reluctant because that means I have to revise all the graphics placements.

Today I had a visitor in my studio, working alongside me on his own book project. Listening to children’s songs, I tried different ways to create flooring for my box. And this is how it looks tonight (I added some more miniature apples and mail for couleur, and a pencil for scale):

Still rather empty, and obviously the bed is not even finished yet. But I am slowly getting there.

It is amazing how quickly you settle into a larger space: Even with my son occupying some space, I still had about three time as much work surface as I used to, and it was all occupied and well used today: I even resolved to the old habit of glueing things on a piece of cardboard on the floor. I can’t even imagine anymore working in a space as small as I did until very recently.

A brief update on the whole naming thing: I tried to switch my etsy shop to BookTiger, but unfortunately that shop name is already taken. So I am still thinking…

Have a great weekend, everyone!

4 replies on “Working on 346”

  1. Nice that your new studio is big enough to give you lots of room even when you are sharing it. ; ]
    I was never able to figure out how you managed to do any work at all in your tiny upstairs space!

  2. I am so enticed by your little room….and nice to see your helper making progress with his books too! I’m keen to get my studio/bedroom functioning again.

    1. By which little room? The attic room I had before? You should have come and visit some time (you are still welcome to my new studio, or course). But it hardly had space for two people to stand in. It was so small that all storage was in piles, which meant constant shifting of things when I wanted to access something. – That really was the hardest part, that hardly anything was easily accessible. Somehow I found space to work in – by piling other stuff, mostly.
      How is your move progressing? I have not heard much recently.

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