“Wired” & How to Work on Several Projects

"Wired" Calendar 2010I am not very good at splitting my attention to several projects. Every time so farĀ  I end up concentrating on the one of them that I like best or is easiest to do, and simply forget about the others. At the moment it seems to work, though. What’s different is my clear schedule. I start my days with printing one of the cuts for the Awful German Language pamphlet. Then I continue with either book tunnels or preparing for a craft fair I am going to do in November. It helps to have decided beforehand to stop after the first print, and not think every time if I could not finish the whole job now and then – thoughts like that (“let’s just finish it now!”) are what lets me drop other projects and concentrate on one.

wired 005 kleiner
The pictures you see here show one of the books I made last week. I called it “wired”. The photo that I used for the covers is a digitally modified photo of a circuit board, that I shot myself. The binding was new to me: A sewing on raised support (obviously the red, green and blue leather cords that are meant to remind you of electric cables) with a headband as changeover. The pages inside are not compeltely blank, this is a weekly planner
for 2010. It is mainly hand-drawn, scanned and then printed. I figured, that if you wanted a diary that looked less DIY then you could simply just buy one at the next office supply store.

wired 002 kleiner
The boards are on the front cover attached with a copper wire. And that turned out as such a tiring and difficult job, that against the initial idea this will stay a one-of-a-kind. After it got finished on Saturday (took me almost all the day just to attach the boards, binding and cover were finished on Friday), I honestly considered keeping it to myself because it took that much time. But then I listed it anyway. You can find it here in my artfire shop. On the back cover they care also laced through the board, glued inside and outside and gently hammered fown a bit.

I have two other book blocks printed and ready to be also bound in covers with an IT-motif.
I just can’t make myself bind book with Santas on them even if that should sell better during the coming months.

wired 004 kleiner ausschnitt